Pole art /Contemporary med Clara Jönsson 

Handstands med Andres Alberto Cerdeira Mendez

Lördag 7 Mars 2020

Så var det återigen dags för workshops på Adore! den här gången kommer Clara Jönsson och Andres Alberto Cerdeira Mendez från Cirkusskolan AFUK- Academy for Untamed Creativity i Köpenhamn hit och gästar oss.

About Clara:

Since she was a little kid, Clara has always had a love for moving and training. After 12 years as a Team Gym gymnast and 6+ years of Poledance, she has developed a skill set and passion that she has passed on to students as a poledance and stretch instructor during the past 5 years, both in Sweden and abroad. With stage experience from international championships and performances she is ready to take you on and let you explore ways to move, with the pole and music as tools.


About Andres:

Originally from Spain, Andrés has been practicing handstand for +7 years. Having an academic background in sports sciences and nutrition, and now studying at Afuk with Clara, the circus school of Copenhagen. His teaching approach mixes theory and practice to provide an efficient, fun and safe approach to learning handstands.


- - -




In this workshop you will be taught a choreography that focus on music interpretation, clean lines, stage presence and floorwork. It's an intermediate level choreography which explores ways to move around the pole with flow and seamless transitions. The class is open for beginners and advanced students, since we will work a lot close to the floor and break down the movements step by step. You can expect some sweat, coordination work and new ideas for your future performances!




We will focus on understanding the basics of handstands and exploring how to approach its practice safely and efficiently,

After attending this event, you can expect to take with you a toolkit of exercises that you can later use in your own practice to take to the next level your upside-down game!

This workshop is suitable for complete beginners, people trying to get away from the wall, or wanting to make their free handstand holds more solid and consistent.

PRIS: 300kr för en, resp 500kr för båda.

BETALNING: Sker på plats med kort.

FÖRKUNSKAPER: Inga förkunskaper krävs för handstående.

För poleklassen är det bra om du gått minst nivå 1 i pole.

Varmt välkomna! <3

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