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Givetvis firar vi Alla hjärtans dag i studion i år igen på vår alldeles eget lilla vis! 

Vi föll för Vera Jörgensen och hennes hypnotiska old-school stil när hon entrade scenen på Scandinavian Scandal i november 2023. Nu kan vi med glädje väknomna henne att hålla workshops här på Adore som en del av vårat Valentines-day firandeUte för bokning nu. 😍

Lördag 10 februari - 12:00-13:30

Splits & Tricks


Shapes are on the agenda, this workshop is for the trickster (as well as the aspiring one)!

We will work on intermediate to advanced combinations with twisty, bendy and some heavier shapes.

But don’t be scared - all tricks will be adaptable to your level.


Prerequisite is aerial invert, shoulder mount, and being comfortable on the spinny pole!


Heels are optional, and in case preferably sandals or grippy material, there will be lots of climbing.


Lördag 10 februari - 14:00-15:30

Waves & Slides

This workshop will be a 90 minute underwater-like flow! 

On the floor and by the base of the pole, we will practice a selection of leg- and body waves. 

Let’s slow down the tempo, liquify our bones and mesmerize ourselves. 

Heels are required, preferably sandals for the ultimate ankle mobility. 

Bring your knee pads or a pair of leg warmers! 

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